Sep 25, 2023

In the heart of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, Kyle and Lauren wove their love story in a wedding overflowing with authenticity and hippie flair. Their chosen destination was Alicante, a gem of the Mediterranean, where every corner became the perfect setting for a magical and love-filled celebration.

Additionally, this day will be special as the couple is taking part in the filming of a documentary for English television, «Bargain-loving Brits in the Sun,» which airs on Ch5 and captures the essence of their big day.

It all began on the 14th floor of one of Benidorm’s imposing hotels, where the bride, Lauren, and her bridesmaids embarked on a day brimming with emotions and surprises. Amidst the preparations, Lauren received a mysterious envelope from Kyle. Inside, an invitation reminded her of an important rendezvous, adding an intriguing touch to the day. In the room, laughter and confidences flowed as the girls shared a tea, forging bonds and creating unforgettable memories.

Our next stop takes us to El Albir, a picturesque seaside village, where the ceremony was held. Inspired by hippie culture, this wedding was filled with charming details. Lauren arrived at the ceremony in an iconic Volkswagen van, a nod to the bohemian spirit that had always defined her. Flowers in soft cream and orange hues added warmth and natural beauty to the atmosphere, while the bridesmaids’ dresses, adorned with cheerful prints, radiated joy and vibrancy.

The couple surprised their beloved guests with unique gifts: heart-shaped sunglasses, which not only shielded from Alicante’s radiant sun but also reflected the love filling the air. Love truly was everywhere at this wedding.

The ceremony was a blend of laughter and tears of joy. Guests shared heartwarming anecdotes about the couple, reminiscing about the moments that had brought Lorean and Kyle to this day. Finally, the emotional moment of exchanging rings and the eagerly awaited «I do» arrived. As the newlyweds walked down a long aisle of guests, they were surrounded by a shower of bubbles, as if passing through a magical portal into their new chapter together.

The celebration continued in Benidorm’s historic old town, a place steeped in history and charm, where friends and family reveled in the union of this extraordinary couple. The city’s iconic viewpoint became the perfect backdrop for fun and spontaneous photos, capturing moments they would treasure forever.

Lauren and Kyle’s wedding in Benidorm, Alicante, was more than just a celebration; it was a journey through time and a tribute to love in its purest and most authentic form. May their love continue to bloom like those beautiful cream and orange-toned flowers, filling each day with joy and happiness.

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