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Wedding at La Finca Resort – K&G

Ago 23, 2023

Today I bring you a super cool story filled with love: the unforgettable wedding of Karitas & Gylfa at La Finca Resort. Ready to dive into this exciting wedding adventure? Join me and let me tell you all the details!

Wedding at La Finca Resort: Icelandic Love with a Spanish Flair

Imagine a sunny day in Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, where the love of an Icelandic couple, Karitas & Gylfa, meets a complex like La Finca Resort, surrounded by golf courses and nature. With four children as witnesses to their love, this couple decided to turn their wedding into an exciting journey that blends Icelandic traditions with Mediterranean warmth. And what drew them here? The perfect weather and the spectacular landscapes of Alicante!

A Day Full of Emotions and Laughter

The day began full of excitement and joy. From the early toast of the bride with Moet to the shared laughter with friends and their own children, the atmosphere was truly magical. Karitas Maria, the radiant bride, followed tradition as she was escorted by her father to her groom, Gylfa. Who said nerves couldn’t be accompanied by fun?

A Banquet of Emotions at La Finca Resort

La Finca Resort, a true paradise on the Costa Blanca, became the perfect setting for this dreamy wedding. With two golf courses, a luxurious five-star hotel, a spa, and many more facilities, this place was like a dream come true. Rooms with terraces offering stunning views, combined with the exquisite culinary offerings, created an unparalleled atmosphere.

Feast, Dance, and Laid-Back Celebration

The banquet took place alongside the Frijolinos restaurant, in one of the halls of the La Finca Events complex called Espacio Augusta. Speeches full of anecdotes traversed the different stages of our protagonists’ lives, while they enjoyed a lively dinner with the fun of the guests. But the night was far from over: in the Loung Club Suite, Karitas & Gylfa opened the dance floor surrounded by confetti and streamers. Live music, wild dancing with the DJ, and shared laughter created an atmosphere of true celebration.

A Temporary Farewell to Alicante, but with Hearts Full

After the wedding, Karitas & Gylfa were able to enjoy a few days in this land that had embraced them with open arms. The Costa Blanca bid them farewell with sunshine and smiles, with the promise of returning in the near future.

Thanks to Lyndyloo in Spain for making this beautiful dream a reality and coordinating every detail of this wedding at La Finca Resort to perfection!

If you’re seeking inspiration and an experience that combines love and adventure, look no further. The wedding at La Finca Resort is proof that true love can conquer any corner of the world. Until next time, dream seekers and lovers of unique weddings!

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